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Actual Art is a creative collaborative venture. We see the arts as methods to engage human intelligence with work that functions as a contribution to education, culture and communities. Our primary criteria are integrity, connectivity and the creative process.


The Actual Art site features an association of professional artists who have never been in the same place at the same time. However, at some point, each in the group has worked with at least one of the others. Relationships were developed by sharing the experience of creative process, development, production and contemplation.

Actual Art represents support, respect and appreciation for the work and artists.

An Alternative Space Project

We are a not-for-profit affiliation dependent on donations of time and resources. ¥ou are welcome to contact Actual Art or the artists, regarding collaborations, commission, publication or purchases of works. Contributions are welcomed and appreciated.


Actual Art facilitates connections between artists and public exposure of their work. This includes the web site. Actual Art facilitates communication and negotiations between artists and potential clients and patrons by request.


If any individuals profit from the existence of Actual Art they are welcome to donate whatever percentage they feel is appropriate.

Contact Actual Art


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Actual Art
P. O. Box 221594
Carmel, CA 93922


Actualart Artists

Wendy Angel :: Website
Content Consultant

Stuart Feinhor:: Website
Text Consultant

M. Takemoto :: Website
Motivational Leader

Dan Arenzon :: Website

Marcia Binendyke :: Website

Brian Gelfand :: Website


Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond

Jason Challas
new media

Anton Eliens
intelligent multimedia

John Haber
commentary from NY City

Pierro Scaruffi
cognitive science/poetry

Please respect artist copyrights and contact us if you would like to copy material.