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  Time 5, Nude, Invitation
submitted by
M. Takemoto

In Hand Theory

* 153 X 144
* 11 lines
* -#- characters Conducive to Slogans clichˇ haiku
truncation brief moment
* love notes
* bullets


ono dolphins and sharks
--- oh my ---
fish hoist grasp pull-in ///
fishing for food & profit.
Capture contain confine
grip drag indiscriminate.
CAST away ocean stream
motto: "enter the ocean enter the food chain"
HAIR confine decorate singsong


array #1
array #2

Chip1, Handheld Poems,
html pictures
submitted by
Wendy Angel
> Hola,
> > I have placed the minimal diary I kept in Havana online at
> >
> > and am gradually adding vignettes for those items I have written up. Sort
> of a patchwork travel diary, I hope you enjoy.
> > More updates later,
> Mateo
Including review of the Latin American Film Festival Havana Diary
submitted by
Matthew Hammond
Not exactly certain as to your intent, but have hundreds of mailart works and covers I've created over the years.
Here's one showing process
> Reply
Dear Greg, Thank you for participating! The intent is to play. The theme is e-mailart as relating to the tradition of mailart. The content is emergent.
Mailart / E-Mailart
submitted by
Greg Byrd


Hi! I have seen your website and appreciate your attempt to make an e-mail art Gallery-project. Can I ask if your email art project is still valid? You accept new entries? Thank you in advance for answer. Saval 11/10/02

submitted by Saval 11/11/02

Hi, I'm Saval from Czech republic. Here is my entry for your electronic exhibition. title: Woman, she is! I like your idea and the website. Wish you to increase the participants... Do you come from snail-mailart or you started directly e-mail art?I was member of mail art network in 1985-1992 and now coming back, attracted by the 'freedom' of expression of the eternal network. I wish you lot of success and satisfaction with email art.Keep in touch! Saval

<? in the czech republic is a thong bikini art 'cause they don't have beaches?
or 'cause they missed out on modernism?> KZ ???

submitted by Saval 12/02/02


Hello, My name is Lauren C-- and I'd like to submit some of my poetry to your site. First, I wanted to confirm that you are currently accepting literary pieces, pertinent to the site's focal interests. My poetic works feature Semiotic themes, concerning identity and linguistics, and the consequential manipulations that occur within the process of such classifications. Here are the titles of the works I'd like to submit. If you're accepting poetry, and would like more information, please email me with such a response. I will then proceed to send the full text for the following works:

Sign Form Faith
Aesthetic Deceit
The Sermon of the Mirror
The Empirical Mean, Weapons
The Machine
Choosing Icons
Aftermath of the Knot

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you!



Dear Lauren,
Thank you for your interest in our project.

Addressing your questions includes information that may be useful to others. It may be that the letter is actually the e-mailart piece. Correspondence is the root of e-mail. Recognizing and exploring the electronic communications between actual people (in an artful way) is at the core of the e-mailart idea. If I post this letter would you like to remain anonymous or would you like to have your name and e-mail address included?

The e-mailart project is pretty much an open forum project. Since text can send easily in e-mail, it is certainly the category of e-mail art. We wanted to keep our description of what constitutes e-mail art minimal, to see how others would interpret.

We decided not to post a note about refusing material that perpetuates hate or cruelty. But we aren't going to post that sort of stuff. I recently viewed a slick and interesting collaborative net project where one of the contributions used sloganistic propaganda disguised as art/culture. It dulled my enthusiasm for the project even before it crashed my computer. We are trying to avoid material that will crash us mentally or mechanically.

As I said above, the e-mail art project is open for anyone to submit digital items that they believe represent an idea of e-mailart. Becoming an Affiliate/Associate is something that emerges over time. At this point core collaborators are linked together by actually having met and worked together. If new collaborators become a part of the group, that would at least be after the core group is familiar with the new work and most likely at least one of us will have met and worked with the new collaborator. The collaboration is emergent so of course we don't know how it will develop. However, trust and integrity within the core group are primary concerns.

Do you have your own website? It sounds like maybe you don't, since you didn't send a URL. That is fine, since part of our intent is to give access to work that isn't otherwise available. Developing web sites for collaborators or affiliates is something worked out on a case by case basis. We mention this on the about page. I can build websites, but I can't always do everything at no charge. I volunteer time and skills to the collaboration. However, I am also available for hire, as are other collaborators and affiliates. I suppose I eventually I will get around to making my own page describing my services.

I hope I have addressed your questions. Send poems if you would like to. Thank you for your interest. Sincerely, KZ




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