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< melted crayons on wood

submitted by M. Takemoto
< 11/15/02 - - -
11/19/02 >



This image is identified as a MAD magazine poster. It is traveling along chains of forwards that I can only trace a few people back. I am including it here as an example of e-mailart that gains its identity through the process of being forwarded and re-forwarded in e-mail. Most forwards I get go straight into the trash. But, every once in awhile there is one that reminds me why forwarding can be interesting. So, credit for the image probably goes to some unidentified, unknown at MAD magazine. And credit for it becoming e-mail art goes to all the anonymous people along the chain from making a jpg to passing the forward. 11/22/02

e-mailart/mailart collaboration

w at actualias sent a postal mailart
<<< to g of the Arky of Toast.
g then forwarded jpegs via e-mail of the sent mail object. so this is a collaborative piece, including the participation of an anonymous "counter clerk."


Hi W, Your sending arrived in fine order... thanks! Fun!
I especially enjoy the repetition and variation that the stamps produced, the fact that your counter clerk went nuts with the round-cancel and that you stretched the concept of boundaries by wrapping some of the stamps around the edge.

I've attached a recent archive issue I produced in conjunction with a tutorial I gave at a local venue. Hope you and yours are well and happy. See you in the mail
g >>>
submitted by
Greg Byrd, 11/29/02