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Fear at Fort Ord 
Fort Ord as location : complex > interesting : From Toxic Waste to Alien Abductions

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Christina Williams

LA RiotsCivil Rights
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Military History

"Presidio of Monterey The military has played a vital role on the Monterey Peninsula since 1770, when a small expedition led by Captain Gaspar de Portola took possession for Spain of what is now Central California. "

the change to a Light Infantry Division was a success. It gave the Army a contingency capability while it added to the deterrence of conflict in Europe. http://call.army.mil/call/exfor/history/hst3.htm


Once upon a time the Military instalation that became
Fort Ord was called The Gigling Reservation

7th Infantry Division Association : http://members.aol.com/exsec7id/index.html

1 Jul 1940 - Re-activated (as Fort Ord)

1 Jan 1943 - Re-designated 7th Infantry Division

Jan 1943 - Fort Ord, CA and San Luis Obispo, CA - Amphibious Training

21 Oct 1974 - Re-activated

1 Oct 1985 - Redesignated 7th Infantry Division (Light)

Feb 1990 - Support Training

9 Aug 1993 - Re-designation as 9th RCT

18 May 1994 - Deactivated

18 May 1994 - Deactivated

15 Jun 1994 - Formally Inactive

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Christina Williams - LA Riots - Civil Rights - odds & ends

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