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You arrange letters to form a pattern or word.

Download for Shockwave Viewer > http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download

The Calculator finished loading when images show in the lower left as you drag over the letters. Click on the letters you want to line up (right to left of course) then click go then you may return and do another line up.

If the line up isn't right you may be clicking too fast.

If you have no idea how Hebrew letters sound here is a chart.
Though Alef and Ayin are called silent they often sound similar to an A or E.

And it seems odd to English speakers but the Vav can sound like O or U.





a project------ explanation


objects -------process

a system



The image calculator may take a couple minutes to load.

And the digital maps may take a moment as well.

More playing around with the series


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