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I am in the process of constructing a printed book of the Aleph-Bet Paintings.

For further information contact

wendy -at- actualart.org



Handmade Aleph-Bet Book

Height 4.5" x Width 3.5" x Depth 2.5"

22 pages are rice paper envelopes printed by Xerox transfer with the gobbldie-goo source code for the digital reproduction of the Aleph painting.

Inside each envelope page is a card with a small digital reproduction of one of the letter paintings.

The pages have windows, so the images can be seen in the book format.
And, the cards are removable so the letters can be taken out of the book and arranged.
The images can be played with manually in a way similar to the Image Calculator.
(The shockwave piece limits you to a row of six, but it allows you to repeat letters.)

A zigzag of gold and silver leaf streaking the front cover loosely indicates the path along the ein-sof, Tree of Life.
The string that binds the book repeats the path of the gilding while binding the book via 10 holes representing the siphriot of the ein-sof, Tree of Life.

The book fits into a slip case that also has room for a floppy disk containing digital information on the project.

The book was on display at the Gallery 8 exhibit, where precious and shabby mingled. It is a meticulously hand crafted item. All of the material housing the images is archival, however the images themselves are cheap perishable digital reproductions.



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