Paradigms and Paradigm Shifts


The word paradigm has been overused, misused and abused.

Nevertheless the concepts deserve serious considerations.

A simple interpretation may be that things may not be as they seem.

Questioning appearances is not a new idea. Ideas tend to be old and they have dressed in many costumes throughout history.

The plethora of garble claiming paradigmatic associations may relate to a trend in wanting reality to be more like science fiction, gothic mythology or esoteric literature.

It is an effective strategy to adopt terms that relate to valid and significant concepts and use them to promote an agenda's of indoctrination. So paradigm has become a useful key word in contemporary propaganda.

The subject of paradigm shift as it relates to this project is indicated by the possibility that hypertext structure may at least provide an example of less rigid methods of thought and expression.

Asking the wrong questions

It does seems worth sorting out what paradigms and paradigm shifts are about.

It seems our civilization is in need of some serious paradigm shifting.

A paradigm shift is a structural transition. We may not have adequate vocabulary to talk about a shift in process because it is defined by being different from what we already know.

And it seems that the arts do have a habit of exploring ideas with vocabularies that are not present in more popular forms of communication have.

I cant resist a brief definition digression here.


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