Hypertext as Medium

A medium is usually defined as the physical part of the relationship/process between the artist concept/body and the environment concept/body.

Okay, so that isn't how medium is usually defined. But I think the usual definition is contained in the above arrangement of symbol/concepts.

It's simply marvelous to have a
medium that mucks around with
his is a project, not a paper)

I think it is safe to say that although every term must carry a definition, the way to achieve meaningful communication is not through the defining of term alone but the use of terms in a system. Contexts and patterns are embodied in the medium.

A paint metaphor: I can not impose my relationship with a certain form, color, value or symbol to upon a viewer. But it is gratifying when for some reason a viewer experiences some sort of meaningful experience when exposed to my arrangement of elements.

I may periodically attempt to utilize a culturally recognizable symbol or give a verbal or textual explanation of my intent or perspective. I suppose this is similar to defining terms while using verbal and textual languages.

But if text as in hypertext is a term that is expanded to encompass multimedia, the terms language, text, symbol, and data is fairly complex. It starts behaving like color.

Multimedia multidisciplinary multi multi multi

When I defined Art as "Manifestation of Consciousness" to a printmaker he responded, "Thatís the definition of a medium."

Okay. Yet another language/text challenge.

The manifestation part refers to material of existence and consciousness refers to the immaterial of existence. And combining these two as one term/concept/entity is an attempt to imply a synthesized symbiotic interweave between the two ideas.

Hypertext as Medium


form and content

Complex, ambiguous and potentially not at all what it seems -- Indubitably.

(just like with paint)


h y p e r t e x t h y p e r t e x t