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Learning about art is learning to perceive, interpret, construct, resolve, articulate and communicate.

Samples of Students' Work & Student Comments on Their Learning

Hartnell College, Salinas CA

Art Studio, Art History, Art Appreciation

Ancient Art History, 2009
Student Comments

Oil Painting 2009

Art Appreciation Spring 2008
Beginning Drawing Fall 2004

University of California
Santa Cruz

Course Assistant:
Section Instructor in the
Film and Digital Media
& Visual Arts Departments


Project 2 photos & statements

Projects 3 & 4 - 2002

Art10j 2001


Traditions of arts help to decipher meaning amidst the complexity of historic and contemporary cultures. And they inform the development of methods and models for collaboration, symbiosis and coexistence.

Art methods and processes develop body and mind as conductors that perceive, synthesize and interpret information. Developing these capacities is a basis for enabling a wide range of actions and productions that contribute to a functional to society.

The arts are essential to human development and education.

As we learn to examine the world and our location in it with clarity and intensity, we develop our capacity to interpret our surroundings and make informed and choices.

Art practice is a foundation to develop methods of intelligent perception, innovative problem resolution and conscientious functioning in the world.

In a terrain of modernism/postmodernism, old-media/new-media, form/content, context/ideologies; in light of an endless list of dichotomies, contradictions and parallels, all worthy of analysis, I maintain that the physical and cognitive experiences provided by arts are keystones in the construction of a sustainable and sane society.



Assistant for Grad Seminar
CADRE Art 210, 2000


Note: This is a random selection of work and classes posted here based on when I got around to putting it together. Every class is not represented because of the time it takes to make documentation. All students deserve recognition and all are welcome to send me material and suggestions to expand this Sample of Student Work area.

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