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Curated by KZ
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> Hola, > > I have placed the minimal diary I kept in Havana online > > More updates later, > Mateo
Dear Saval,
Yes, the e-mail art is an on-going thing. Actually we just started.
... information that may be useful to others. It may be that the letter is actually the e-mailart piece.
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send e-mailart to add to these pages.

To Participate

Send a .jpg or .gif or asci/text/keyboard/character e-mail piece

of reasonable screen size and resolution

actualart [at] att [dot] net

Suggested Size Please --
About 100kb per piece, no more than 300kb per day. Less is better.
No larger
than 450 pixels height with a width in that range.
Resolution 7 suggested for jpg's.

Animated gif's are fine, but in any case, please consider the kb size/time efficiency for both e-mailing and posting on the web.

If you have a URL we will link your name (or alias) to your site.

It would be nice if you mention a bit (a couple sentences)
about yourself (or alias)
Where you are from?
What else do you do?
What do you affiliate with?
How did you find us?

Consider the statements on our site and allow your work to be a response or commentary on the creative process and/or connectivity.



E-mail art needs to be in reasonable kb size, that is about 100kb or less.

To adjust images to reasonable screen size and resolution

In Photoshop

Go to Image on menu > Image Size
Put the Height at 400 or smaller if you choose.
Be sure the Resolution is at 72 pixels/inches
(Constrain Proportions and Resample Image boxes checked will maintain the proportions. These are usually checked by default.)

Save your image as a jpg. Choose 7 to 10 as a jpeg resolution. For web images I usually go to 7. If you want to keep the large copy change it's name when you save and you will have both.

This will probably be about the same in any imaging program.
Open the image > look for an image size option.

Send images that have been made small enough to send and load at reasonable rates for a dial-up connection.



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If you want to send via snail-mail,
I will take a digital photo of the piece and adjust it for the web.

Send to Actual Art, P.O. Box 221594, Carmel, CA, 93922, USA.