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Wendy Angel

paint, new media & theory

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multidisciplinary intermedia accumulation


Size listed in inches:
height by width. Click on small images for enlargements.
  The shrinking and digitalizing distorts the images significantly. To see the real work contact W Angel or Actual Art, and/or come to a show.

System Paintings

Anatomy of Paintings

After a few years immersed in a variety of new media projects I began paintings with new media related subject matter. The Anatomy shows how the images emerge over time.
Revisiting: Places and Things (current) New work revisiting subjective depictions.

An assortment

Some paintings from the early-mid 00's.
Aleph-Bet Paintings
A series of 22 paintings
Each image relates to one of the letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet. A digital project and a handmade book explore this series.
Arad Paintings 1994-1995 I was an Artist-in-Residence in Arad, Israel.

Pg 1
Pg 2
Pg 3
Pg 4
Pg 5

< oil's



Mostly Acrylic


- on paper #1
- on paper #2

From late '92 - mid '94 I painted incessantly in a Pacific Grove studio.

The works on paper are mostly acrylic and some othe media and mixed media. They are mostly about 18" x 24"

Maui in Oils

Maui Sketchbook 

I lived on Maui on and off from 1987-92.

Some of the sketches relate to paintings.

These pages show a selection of paintings dating from 1990 to the present. They are in oil unless otherwise noted.
At some point I may add some of the earlier work.

 by W.Angel  
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DIFI Appendix 

> DIFI: Digital & Fiber

>> Idea Nets > Idea Nets
>> V Environments > Virtual Environments
  Statement February 2009



Please Note that this site contains a plethora of pages and images that have been made over about a decade. Sometimes when I move things around links are broken.

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~ the painting process ~
Digital documentation of making paintings.

Mattress Art Story
Mattress Art 2008
#4 Mini Censorship Addition

Most of the mini's are mini sites & include at least a few pages.

A mini may be a small object, a small idea or a small contribution.

Some of these are physical miniatures, some only exist in virtual information space and most are a combination.

Titles Exhibited at:
Mini Censor #4  MMoA Mini 08
Message in a Bottle MMoA Mini 05
Mixed-Concepts MMoA Mini03
Lovenote PG AC Mini 03
Readme MoMA Mini 02
Masks JCLSF 10
Omer JCLSF 09
Israel at 60 JCLSF 08
Freud Cartoons JCLSF 06
Flags/Codes JCLSF 05
Icons JCLSF 04
Ketonet Passim JCLSF 03
Aleph-Bet Project JCLSF 01
The Show Thing
This show at the PG Art Center imposed conceptual and other media art on paintings. April 2001.

8e Gallery Presence
A showing at SJSU that set of an unanticipated tizzy. I should really write more about the event, meanwhile the show is partially documented. April 2001.

A CADRE collaboration. My photographic documentation evolved with and functioned as an aspect of the project.
While coordinating the Fear at Fort Ord Symposium I developed this web doc to motivate student participation.
A collaborative project about collaborating on a project.
Documentation of an interactive digital piece that I never modified for the web.
A hypertext about hypertext. It is interesting that many of the of-site links are still live since this was written about ten years ago.
Playing around with Hypertext and definitions.
Some samples.



Wendy Angel is a painter and new media artist. Her work has been exhibited and published in various contexts and locations.
Currently located on the central coast of California

Please respect copyrights and contact us if you want to do something with the contents of this site.

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